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Bespoke Adventure Specialists is a unique operation arranging tailor-made, private safaris and remote wilderness expeditions to the natural, cultural and historical hot-spots of Southern and Eastern Africa. With over 40+ years experience working in the tourism, hospitality and conservation industries in six different African countries we are local specialists in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Malawi.
We focus on custom designed itineraries across the entire spectrum of the travel market with an emphasis on local conservation and community upliftment efforts. Sleep in a million star '"hotel" on the ground around the fire or level up to the many local luxurious offerings to be found scattered across the land.. 

A collaboration of "Old school friends" with a shared vision and passion for adventure! Having been on many self created tours together over the last two decades exploring the countries we have lived and worked in we have honed our skills and developed an insatiable wanderlust! Now, we want to share our backyard with you in the only way we know how, adventurous, off the beaten path, and a lot less structured than your typical safari partner. Enjoy the environment and what it has to offer the way the locals do, wild, adventurous and spontaneous! All in our safe, experienced and capable hands.

Every tour is Bespoke, so let's get to know each other while we turn your dream into an adventure...

Zane Volker

''Biggy Z"



Gareth Arnold

Having grown up in some of the remote wilderness areas of Southern Africa and spending the subsequent 20 years working in six different African countries in the Tourism and Conservation fields, I am firmly rooted in the life of adventure as a 'bush-man'.​ My fireside stories include tales of attacks from voracious predators and accidental tramplings from rampaging behemoths. Losing my first dog Duke, a beautiful Rottweiler, to crocodiles and having my Horse Nandi eaten by lions.

I have a strong passion for the Tourism industry, particularly the conservation tourism area, as i have worked in it and thrived off of it for the last two decades. It has become increasingly evident however that 

this industry needs to be more inclusive and beneficial to the local communities surrounding it and this has become my area of focus. I strive to improve not only myself but also the communities in which I live and operate.


With a foundation laid in Resorts, Boutique Hotels and Safari Lodges ​both in Africa and America my routes are deeply entrenched in the Hospitality industry. Having spent two decades operating and developing several successful establishments in the food and beverage industry, I have a strong affinity to service delivery.

My competitive nature in both sports and business drives my passion to succeed in all ventures I dedicate myself to. I have won several business awards, including, top draught pouring outlet in South Africa (2014) and Stella Artois national draught pouring winner (2018), it goes without saying I am just as comfortable behind the bar as I am in front of it. 

In my down time I have explored several southern african countries and I look forward to bringing hospitality to the forefront of such tours....

Buzzy Joell
Specialist Guide

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-19 at 17.50.31.jpeg

Hello, I am Buzzy Joell, a specialised wildlife tracker/guide in magical Namibia. My main focuses are birds and reptiles, but I have what they call ‘bushman eyes’ so can find almost any animal by recognizing its’ tracks and trails. 


I have been interested in birds for as long as I can remember, but my passion for our feathered friends has now spilled over into the reptile world, with geckos and snakes being of particular interest to me. I spend a lot of time in the Namib desert tracking snakes, lizards , agamas, chameleons and geckos of which Namibia has an absolute abundance thereof. 


I love to educate people on the importance of conservation through hands-on experience, by doing specialised Safaris. Let me show you wild Namibia, so that you understand what it was like before human interference. Which still exists here!


Getting from doesn't have to be straightforward....

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